Saturday, August 08, 2015

Love Thy Neighbour and Linford Christie

TV that made Me

Just recently there has been a lot about PC and this raised its ugly head in the new TV show "TV that made me" hosted by Brian Conley. The show has celebrities on it and they go through TV shows that the guests liked and what was being shown during their life 

Yesterday that had the Famous Runner Linford Christie he was born 1960 in the West Indies and came to the UK with his parents. Like most Black people from the West Indies in those days they were hard working, family oriented Christians. Something younger people of all colours in the UK should aim for. Being Black the 1970's series "Love thy Neighbour" had to be brought up

Now you will never see this old TV programme on TV the LeftWing Luvvies have decided it was racist. Well I never thought so to me it was about a Black man moving into an area and have arguments with a bigoted white man and most of the time the Black man got the better ridiculing the White man. To some degree it helped integration showing how ridiculous bigoted people can be, but the Luvvies said this must stop as they were offended, the same thing is happening about Gays now a days.

So when Conley says I feel embarrassed to ask this but what about "Love thy neighbour" he must have got the shock of his life when Linford said "We loved the Program" he went on to say the whole family would gather round to watch the series and have a good laugh, he even said his father would watch it now. It seems that Linford and his family could see the series for what it was comedy entertainment unlike Conley and his left wing luvvies who thought it was a racist diatribe. Linford came away from this programme as a normal likeable human being. Conley came away as a PC Puppet may be he should change his catch phrase to "I'm a Puppet" 

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