Sunday, January 29, 2017

LBC lefties and Extreme Vetting

LBC Radio programme at Weekends is a Lefty Snow Flake Show with presenters Stig Abel (what a name) Beverley Turner (who seems to been on the edge of tears if people disagree with her) Maajid Nawaz (who loves giving a diatribe of his views) they spent he whole weekend trying to insult Donald Trump and lets not forget the weekday lefty James O’Brian who has a morning show spouting his left wing views.
Credit to LBC they do let listeners give there views some times much to the annoyance of the presenters. Yet I did agree with what they said about President Trumps Vetting’s being wrong in my mind it did not go far enough. He should vet every Moslem Country lets remind people it is Muslim’s who are creating havoc and murder throughout the World. To ban all Muslims maybe wrong something I might add they are not doing but each Muslim entering the country should be thoroughly checked, remember ISIS has said they have sent terrorists in with refugees. It is also about time Western Government clamped down on Saudi Arabia and its allies who are evil regimes in many cases supporting Muslim extremists BUT nothing will happen Oil and Money come first. Interestingly all the lefty snowflakes complain about the USA and UK restricting immigration and then go on to quote the poor children, they never complain about Saudi Arabia and its henchman not taking any of the fellow Muslims into their country?
Our Lefty presenters go on to say that all those Islamic attacks in the UK and USA were from home grown radicals not outsiders but what they forgot to mention was that nearly all are first generation from Muslim Immigrants, these bombers were indoctrinated by their Parents and Imams not to respect our laws etc. . If the USA and UK had applied Extreme Vetting 30 years ago these bombing would not have happen and we would not get radical converts as well.
I continually hear that Islam is a religion of peace until I see massive demonstrations by the Muslim community condemn the radical and integrate then maybe I shall not believe it.

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