Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Canterbury for Anniversary

It was my 47th Wedding Anniversary so I decided to take Valerie to Canterbury as she wanted a leather jacket and I knew the exact place the photo would tell you why I chose it. 

On the way down Valerie says I know a better place to park so I followed her direction and needless to say we got lost but that was not the problem we were followed by a Police car. When we eventually did park the Police, which happened to be in an armed response vehicle, said to me did you know you turn the wrong way up a pedestrian area and then ignore a further sign which said do not turn right. The only answer I could give was No I did not, I then asked if was to be ticketed or receive a slap on the wrist thankfully it was the latter. The Coppers were very pleasant but it seems the reason they were following me was that as I have a Big Estate they were concerned that I could have been a terrorist, which could use my car as weapon. I found this quite reassuring as it proves our Police are on the Ball. So be warned do not drive up Canterbury Pedestrian Precinct the wrong way you may get shot.
Can not see me going through that door

Any way after the excitement I bought the Leather Jacket for Val and treated her to a meal, Canterbury has a multitude of Café and Restaurants so we tried La Trappiste, which I have to admit, was a disappointment. I had Pigeon breasts as a starter which I have several times but never in a restaurant, this was tasty but tough. The main course was chicken breast wrapped in Bacon with a beer Wine sauce once again tasty but tough and the vegetables were over cooked so we did not eat them, would we go again NO. At £40 for 2 coffees, 1 starter, 2 mains it was not that expensive, maybe TUESDAY WAS THE WRONG DAY

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