Thursday, January 26, 2017

No Speaky English

My next door neighbor is having some work done in his Garden a guy was loading the lorry. So being nosey I asked what are they doing? His Reply "NO SPEAKY ENGLISH"  what is he doing working in this country? I presume he was driving the truck if he can not speak English how can he read the signs?
Now many Eastern Europeans use our Judo/Sambo Club and they have become friends so it is not I am against all Eastern Europeans but you can understand British Workman complaining when workers are brought into this country to undercut them. Finally do immigrants have the same qualifications as our Tradesman I doubt it. One final point I wonder where they dumping the rubbish?

I had an old account with Santander which I closed they sent me a cheque for 07p. Now how much did it cost to produce that check? envelope, cheque stamp etc. I shall frame the cheque.

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