Sunday, January 15, 2017

Top 10 Most Retarded Things Sweden Did In 2016 Plus Balck Anglo

Over the years I have been to the USA on many occasions I loved the Country, found the people very friendly and helpful. I made many friends; I always enjoyed my visits but have to say both Val and myself enjoyed the visit to the “Big Sky” Montana as one of our all time great holidays. Although I am an Englishman and would never want to leave England, I could see myself living in Montana.
The one thing I noticed in the USA was the struggle people had in accepting they were American? Most would say to me I am Irish, German, and Polish American etc. WHY?  My mother was German and my Grandfather was Irish but when asked I say I am English. Lets be honest the only indigenous people on that Continent are the Red Indians (am I still allowed to call them that) and as the word America was a European Name they could genuinely call themselves by their tribal names yet the few I have met have all been proud to be called American.
So why do I bring this up well things have change in the USA since I first went there. Now you are no longer an American you are African American, Latino American, East Asian American, Asian American, Native American at present there is no name for White Americans but eventually they will be known as European American. My point is putting titles on people will only create division and racism; have to say Obama done a lot to create this name-calling. America you are a great Country a country to be proud of BUT remember you are AMERICAN no more no less
So what has this to do with an Englishman well yesterday for the first time a gentleman announced on the Radio that he was the 6th generation to be born in England but he classifies as a Black Anglo? This was the first time I had heard this definition it obviously came from the USA so are we about to have the same divisions in the UK? Interesting enough he did not know his history very well because the Anglo Saxons where a white tribe from mainly Germany and the name England was Land of the Angles or Angleland well that is what I was told. Now I have heard the Term British Black or Black British do not have a problem with that as it could be a description who is British and Black, also British Asian BUT would it be right to call someone British White?
I personally see nothing wrong in people from our old British Empire being considered in part British BUT I do not see why being call Anglo Saxon is wrong and considered racist

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