Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Bear Referendum Sport for All

How things have changed in 1998 I wrote to the local papers complaining about the Euro and the EU and said we need a Referendum. The Media obviously used my position in the Sombo World and my nickname "The Bear" to emphasis the article. Although personally a Big Man in the greater things of Politics  I was just a small individual not to be listened to in fact I was ridiculed by the Political Class, Establishment, Celebrities  and the very rich. What a silly man and people like me to think that the ordinary person should be listened to.
Well in 2016 the ordinary man and women had to be listened to as in the UK the Referendum  said now you will take notice of what we say and think no matter what you the Political Class, Establishment, Celebrities  and the very rich say. The same happened in the USA when Trump won and I expect many other countries will have to listen to the ordinary man and women very soon

My interest is in Sambo,  Judo and Grappling plus Sport as a whole so time has come for a Referendum on how we manage Sport in GB. Should Tax Payers money be poured into just a few Olympic Sports that produce medals and create Millionaire Sportsman and Women or should it be used to benefit the population as a whole? 30 years ago we criticized the USSR and USA for using sport to promote their Political Systems but is not our Government doing the same now? Creating Champions and having Elite Athletes is essential for Sport striving to win and be the best is part of what sport is all about BUT also sport is about participation. The old Sports Council used to have emblem "SPORT FOR ALL" lets hope we can return to that 


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