Friday, January 13, 2017


Couple of Interesting articles Katy is always a controversial Figure, the article from Fox News on the entertainment industry is very true.

So Donald Trump is being accused of being a Russian Patsy plus enjoys Golden Showers I expect he will be blamed for it snowing today. If what the Anti Trump brigade can prove their accusations they should come up with the evidence? Produce the Video Tapes that show Trump sexual activities if not shut up
The American people are not that stupid as believe the whining’s of a Liberal/Left Cabal who aim is to reinstate the Establishment figures that have failed them. The more they whine the more support Trump will get

Read the whole of this article and ask how you disagree with her
KATIE HOPKINS: The NHS crisis just proves that demand will always outstrip supply when you are giving something away - and that was BEFORE we decided to let the rest of the world join the queue
Read more:…/The-NHS-crisis-just-proves-dem…

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