Friday, January 06, 2017

Lewis Connie and a Proud GrandfatherLewis with Cousin George

Lewis with Cousin George
It was quite a proud moment for me on Thursday. Our resident Junior Judo Coach Keith Costa 4th Dan of 30 years had one of those rare moments when he was ill and could not take the Class. Two of my Grandchildren Lewis and Connie have been helping Keith and he has been training them to Coach, as no one else was available to take the Class we allowed them to take the Lesson the forth generation of Clarkes to Coach at the Young Judo Club. They were overseen by my wife Valerie who is a 3rd Dan and IBF/BCSA Coach, she told me that she need not have been there as they gave an excellent well controlled lesson a credit to the Clarke Family and Coach Keith Costa.
They spent most of the lesson teaching throws and groundwork followed by Contest, this year the club is spending a lot more time concentrating on getting the youngster ready for competition and important part of Judo
Also on the Mat were young grandson George and my niece’s son Taylor. Taylor is Grandson of Tim Leeder 4th Dan a leading Judoka in the BJC during the 1970’s. It seems once a family get the Judo bug it spreads through generations.

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