Thursday, December 24, 2009

Benefit Cheats

This week I reported to SBC housing benefit department a tenant of mine, who was receiving housing benefit, had not paid his rent for two months and had absconded. I was told by the housing department that was my problem not theirs, I explained I was well aware of that but wished to report the case. Once again I was told there was nothing they can do, I tried to explain that the man was obtaining money under false pretences and in fact was making a fraudulent claim. Are we to assume that these type of people, who would rather spend their housing benefit in a Pub rather then on paying their rent? Are allowed to continue abusing the system and costing us Council Tax payers money?

While on the subject of abuse a friend of mine has a shop selling white goods i.e. Fridges etc on many occasions Charitable Organisations and Councils ask him to supply and deliver goods to people who are in particular hardship paid for by them . On many occasions the residents have asked for the cooker goods etc not to be fitted, or to be left in their packing case, only to have the same item offered for sale a day later. He now fits all items, he has reported these individuals to the charities and the council but just gets a shrug of the shoulder as is told “sometimes these things happen” they are never prosecuted WHY?

Why it is those who lie, cheat, steal etc are always in a win win situation. What has happened to this country in the last 10 years.

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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