Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What the next government will do - I HOPE

Conservative Home regularly survey people on what the Conservative party are doing I thought the following list may give you an insight on what I hope will happen when the Conservatives get into power and we rid our selves of this Anti English Labour Government who's prime Minster and his minister will go down as traitors to the British people.

Can not say I agree with everything: Do we really need Trident? Bringing back the Death Penalty not to sure? if brought back will it ever be allowed to be used? Much harder penalties for criminals and life to mean life

Replacement of the Human Rights Act with a British Bill of Rights

The protection of private schools from interference from the Charity Commission

An annual cap on immigration from outside the EU

Freezing the BBC licence fee

A 10% reduction in the number of MPs

A recognition of marriage in the tax system

Moving public sector job advertising away from The Guardian and on to the internet

The abolition of inheritance tax for all but millionaires

A free vote on reducing the time limit for abortion

Abolishing ID cards

An independent medical examination of every incapacity benefit claimant

Abolishing regional government

Full renewal of the Trident nuclear deterrent

The repeal of the ban on foxhunting

An end to taxpayer subsidy of the trade union movement


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