Saturday, December 19, 2009

Open Letter to SBC


Martin Clarke
118 East Street
ME10 4RX

To Licensing Officer

Dear Sir

I have just received a letter entitled “Licensing Policy Review Questionnaire” attached to this letter was a Equalities Monitoring Form before I return these documents I would like answers to the following questions:

1) What Equalities monitoring got to do with the Licensing Policy Review? none of the questions in the document have any relevance to Equalities
2) Although I can understand your request to be informed of people impairments, why do you need to know a person Sexual preference, ethnic group or Religion? Or is there a move afoot by the Council to have a pubs for certain ethnic groups, pubs for Homosexuals etc
3) Why do you use correct terminology for Heterosexuals and Bisexuals yet use a slang word for homosexuals
4) What is a traveller? You use the Term English Gypsy which can be seen as an ethnic group, then you use the term Traveller can I presume by this you mean anyone who travels? If so why do they need a separate category
5) You list different religions but why Muslim? Their religion forbids them to drink alcohol so do you think they would to be a licensee
6) Finally my Grandfather was Irish, my father English, my mother German as you have listed the White section as British, Irish, European, My mother came from the area that conquered the Brits after the Romans i.e. Angles, Saxons, Jutes as my Grandfather was from Ireland i.e. a Celt so I presume I am a Saxon/Celt
I await your reply to my various questions.

Yours Faithfully

Martin Clarke

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