Sunday, December 27, 2009

Impossible to get an report in kent On Sunday

I recently had a moan on about the East Kent Gazette being being bias but we do at least get some Martial Arts coverage from them for our club. That can not be said of the Kent on Sunday/Saturday this the Free Paper from the KOS Group I get my copy via the Internet and it actually comes up like a newspaper and you read like a newspaper turning pages etc but to claim it is a County newspaper is a joke it concentrates on the Major towns of Maidstone, Medway and Canterbury to get a letter published on there letter page is nearly impossible unless you have some sort of connection with the paper and to get a report on their Sports Section is impossible even World medals do not get a mention. With regard to advertising I surprised they get any, I recently tried ton advertise a vacant Flat, I do not want any immigrants in my flats only British Passport Holders for many sound reasons all them have nothing to with race. I know that newspapers will not print Flats only For British Subjects (Why I do not know) so now I print Proof of ID i.e. British Passport most newspapers accept this, NOT the Kent on Sunday they say they are frightened of being sued! for what so much for our campaigning press. So carry on reading the paper it is free after all but never pay for it

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