Thursday, December 17, 2009

Is Global Warming a Con

Do I think that Global warming is totally down to human beings NO
I also think is some what arrogant of Man Kind to think they can control Nature and God

Yet to some degree I agree with what the Global Warming Fanatics say, Yes we should get rid of pollution, Yes we should save energy, Yes we should recycle, Yes we should conserve our planets resources but all these things just make good sense and we should not be conned into being forced to believe it is to do with Global Warming.

Why do I not believe in Humans being totally responsible for Global warming quite simply it is because of the people who are advocating it?
1) Politicians: Over the last couple of years , more then any other year we have seen how un trust worthy and how much they bend the truth and liar.
2) Scientists: they have lied about some of the facts just because it ruins there arguments
3) Green Peace and other Lobbyists: They are so blinkered they only want to see what they want to see
4) Al Gore: His film has been proved to be faulty
We keep being told that the World has only a short time before Armageddon but all I see is loads of those Wind farm eye sores which are inefficient, What I do see is that 50, 000 turned up at the Climate Conference how much Carbon did they use on their travels just a load of hypocrites.

When I see major events like the Olympics, World Cup and these massive great Pop Concerts being cancelled, when I see Politicians and their advisors hopping all over the World for Jollies being stopped, When I see street lighting going out 11pm shops only opening 9 till 5 to save energy, when I see overseas holiday banned and restricted use of motorised vehicles then I will say NOW WE ARE DOING SOMETHING but none of these will happen and I hope they won’t.
What I am trying to say is ARE WE REALY SERIOUS ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING or is it just a way to raise our taxes and make certain people look like saints

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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