Sunday, December 06, 2009

Swiss Aren't the Intolerant Ones

I copied this article from The Mail on Sunday and totally agree with Peter Hitchins. Islam is not just a religion it is a life style with its own set of Laws which is totally different from the English Way if there is to be a change I at least should have a say in it. Living in harmony with Islam would be a lot easier if the Government done their job and arrested and imprisoned those who demonstrate advocating the death of NON Muslims

Swiss aren’t the intolerant ones
Nobody ever asked us if we wanted a country full of big mosques, asserting Islam’s confidence in our cities. So that is what we have. But they asked the Swiss and they said ‘no thank you’. Is this bigotry? I don’t think so.
Where Islam is in power, it restricts the building and repairing of Christian churches, the ringing of bells and the holding of processions. Christians are second-class citizens. Western liberal prattle about Islamic ‘tolerance’ is based on ignorance.
The Muslim threat to this country does not come from a few swivel-eyed, blowhard preachers. It comes from our own willingness to drive Christianity out of schools, government and broadcasting, and our feeble refusal to require migrants and their descendants to respect and accept our culture and faith.
We could be well on the way to becoming a Muslim country by the end of this century. The noisy Left-wing atheists will miss the Church of England, once it is replaced by the Mosque of England.Read more:

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