Sunday, October 02, 2011

Bedford Caravan

Caravan and Bedford

What a weekend, I had already booked a site for the weekend as I was attending a Judo competition but I could not have booked a better weekend. I have been travelling to Bedford for Judo and Sambo events for 40 years but have never stopped just drove up and back again. For 40 years I have missed some great country side, lovely village’s pubs and great Bedford town with the River Ooze. Although Bedford was a bit of a culture shock I have never seen so many women in Sari’s with their heads and face covered plus the different languages spoken at one time I thought I was in a foreign country. After while instead of asking directions I would ask do you speak English which most of the time was followed by no, mind you it was a Sunday and I expect most of the English were in Church. I forget to mention the hanger where the Airship R101 was built which recently saw the Batman Film being produced, must not to forget to mention the 5 Bells at Henlow brilliant food and plenty of it.

We stopped at Henlow Bridge Lakes site this is predominately a Fishing site but has recently moved into Caravanning and Camping. This was an excellent site one of the best I have been to and will certainly be coming again, only two complaints one the Road Noise took some getting used and two had to pay for electric separately from booking fee.

I am yet to go in my caravan with an incident, this time tried pushing the caravan with leg (false knee and all) when I heard an almighty click and felt pain, panic and more panic thought I destroyed my false knee. Luckily Val was sympathetic and told me not be stupid and said it would alright in a day, my response was you a ****** Doctor and she was wrong it was alright in two days. On arrival got a chair down enjoyed a cup of coffee (well she had to get in my good books again) went to get up and the chair fell over me on the ground much to the amusement of my first wife, that’s it I am having a kip. Yes you guessed laid on the bed and that broke. I have my suspicions!

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