Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Well done Gordon MP of the people

Well Done Gordon

How can anyone call GB a Democratic country when the great majority of people in this country want a referendum on Europe yet are refused it by the Political Elite. Once again the wishes of the people are being ignored by the establishment all three major parties totally ignore the people on a regular basis. There were a few on stood shoulder to shoulder wit the people of GB they were mainly Conservatives but there were also Labour and Libdems there as well and these were the real patriots. I am pleased to say we have an MP in Gordon Henderson who stood by what he believed in and voted for a Referendum WELL DONE a man of the people

Lets start a campaign CAMERON MUST GO

Once more, we see the prejudices of the governing class over-riding the democratic feelings of the people.

I also feel sorry for the people of Faversham who’s MP Hugh Robertson voted against the referendum he is obviously one of the Governing Class. Time for him to go as well

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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