Monday, October 31, 2011

Mobile phone

The obsession with the mobile phone is becoming a Joke. Swale Martial Arts Club has told everyone their mobile has to be switched of during lessons, we had occasions when the phone rang pupils would leave the mat to answer them, this was a health and safety issue plus extremely bad manners. How many times have you been in a restaurant or Pub and they go off the person on the phone then speaks three times as loud as everyone else and 95% of the time it is unimportant . Last week I was at the Cinema and people were using the phone an I pads during the film which found extremely ill mannered, yet an advert came up form Orange who suggested that there negotiating with Cinemas to have a 2 minute break in the film so you can use your phone. I hope this was a spoof but who knows? The Bride who took out her phone during a wedding ceremony was just to much. Let’s put a ban on all mobiles in places where you can not smoke

OMG I'm getting married! Bride takes out her phone and starts texting as she walks down the aisle (after hiding it down her dress

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