Thursday, October 13, 2011

Local MP answers question

Dear Gordon
Just received this email from a friend have deleted his email address for obvious reason Question to Gordon Was I right when I questioned the % of foreign workers?
Question to Andrew and Gerry is it true what is said about the New Building?
You have to agree walking through Sittingbourne High Street if you closed your eyes and listen to the languages you would think you were in a foreign country
hello martin
spoke to a chap i used to live near when i was younger and he now works at Morrison's and in his words he f~~king hates it.he does nights which he says is his choice, but their man management there is rubbish and the amount of foreign workers is so high he sometimes doesn't even speak to an English speaking person all shift.he reckons close to 85 per cent now are foreign and said that Morison's wanted to build a new building on the site next to it but got turned down by s.b.council cause they know that they have gone back on the agreement that they would be employing only 20 per cent foreign workers and not locals.

With regards the number of foreign workers employed at Morrison's... I do not believe the number has gone up, indeed, I know that the management are working hard to increase the number of "local" workers.

For instance; they are working closely with Sittingbourne Community College to ensure pupils there are better prepared for work as and when they leave school.

However, it doesn't surprise me that a higher percentage of the foreign workers work on the night shift, because that is the least popular shift, as your friend's comments intimate! That would give the appearance of a higher percentage than the overall reality.
Although I do not believe the story about the Morrison's planning application I will let either Andrew or Gerry answer that question.

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