Monday, October 17, 2011

Bisexual-Corperate Greed-Pregnant working women

Demonstrators protesting against "corporate greed" are spending a third day camped out in London's financial district.
As long as they do not cause any damage then I support them it is also about Financial Institutions Greed and mismanagement its about 1% having 95% of the Worlds wealth. I believe in God and these evil greedy people who make money while others suffered will be judged in the next life

Sorry I am back on my high horse about sexual perverts. I can not know why people are Lesbian or Homosexual mostly probably they were born with this defect, yet I can understand that some would want to make a permanent relationship and the Civil Partnership is the right way to go BUT NOT MARRIAGE. What I cannot understand is how people like stonewall and Peter Tatchell can promote Bisexual as a relationship there can be no excuse for this disgusting perversion. Can you imagine it if they were allowed to get married!
Do You John take Edith to be your lawful wedded wife forsaking all other except for harry who you want as your lawful wedded Husband, I now declare you Husband and Wife and Husband you may now kiss the bride and groom

Why should Women get paid time of from a Job to have children? surely they had the choice or if they fell pregnant by accident why should an employer pay for their mistake. It is totally unfair on people who have no children they do not get time of, plus they are expected to cover these people with increase in wage or what about the women who stays at home to have children and look after them what happens when her children fly the nest and she goes back to work can she ask for back pay because she had children x amount of years ago, No a totally unjust system 

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