Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Liam Fox

Politicians and Media love playing politics, this comes before anything else. I refer to the business with Liam Fox, he is a hard working minister who knows his brief and has cut into the fiddles and corruption of Defence spending and In the long run his cuts will benefit the soldier on the ground because they will get the money not some Bureaucrat or some high ranking officer. Because of this the long knives are out for  him, first they try and make something of the fact that he has a very good male friend so obviously he must be a closet poof, there nothing worse then being in the closet. Or could he be just a good friend, a real friend, one wonders what they make of Morcombe and Wise sharing a bed or were they pat of the 1.5% who claim to be homosexual?. He is pro American, anti EU and doesn’t trust civil servants that are why he has his mate looking after his back to watch out for the back stabbers. Now who are these back stabbing b~~stards , its not the labour party the natural enemy, no it is the enemy with in Civil Servants, high ranking armed Forces Officers and mostly the Coalition Government elite. The Press and Media are having a hey day with this and Liam Fox has to concentrate on this rather then look after our armed forces.

I expect Liam Fox will be forced to resign, if he does it could benefit the Tory Party which needs someone like him to challenge this Liberal Prime Minster  and can concentrate on this much easier fro the back benches

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