Saturday, October 29, 2011

Who can trust Cameron

Cameron has said he has put his Civil Servants to work to find out  what laws we can claw back from the EU SOME HOPE

Here are some comments from the DM
As in Libya, we need a National Transition Council to oust our Dictator Cameron, and get our country back for us the British people. Dictators are going out of fashion worldwide and the sooner Cameron goes the better. No referendum - OUT of the EU, NOW! We can then use the billions saved to rebuild our broken society, for our schools, hospitals, libraries, services for children and the elderly which are all in decline BECAUSE of the EU.
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Interviewing 1142 people is hardly a representative sample, now is it? And you can red arrow me all you like - I'm just stating the 'facts' from the article. Percentages mean nothing at all when the sample is so small - especially considering the population of Britain is 60 million....
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Cameron, Clegg and Miliband are looking to the future........ and a nice cushy job in Brussels, with an even cushier pension paid for by the likes of you and I. Dream on if you think any of these parasites are going to take us out of the EU.
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All the way back to the common market Please!
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It appears that the leaders of all our major parties want to be a integrated into EU. But without being totally committed to this, by allowing the EU to control all aspects of our daily lives and us using the Euro, they know it will be difficult. But finally the people are begining to rebel against these polices, and we the people of this great country do not want to be part of European super state. HOW CAN WE VOTE FOR THE 3 MAJOR PARTIES WHEN THEY ARE PREPARED TO LIE TO GET INTO POWER. We need an alternative, only UKIP appear to be in line with the people on Europe.

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