Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Waste Paper Hooray Pikeys kicked out

Waste Paper collection and the money it makes has been the backbone of a lot of Charities but now Kent County Council under the guise of a EU dictate have now restricted what hey can collect. They now can collect only from Private Individual, no longer can they collect from Factories and shops as this is classified as trade waste. So the charities can no longer raise funds and some may have pack because of this and the businesses and shops will no longer be able to get rid of their cardboard free of charge. So who gains of course the Kent County Council they will charge businesses a fee to collect waste paper and cardboard and the sell it to recycling units KCC you are Con Men. It does not stop there in Folkestone a Charity has had a skip placed in a convenient spot for some years and local people would put all their waste paper and cardboard in it. This can carry on as long as each individual fills in a form every time they place something in the skip and there is more to come in the future all packaging will have its own individual Identity mark so when it leaves the shop and get dumped they KCC will know where it comes from and this will be classified as Trade Waste. It does not matter that a private individual buys an item the packaging will be the property of the seller, so in future all paper and cardboard will be trade waste. Most of the money made this way will go to unknown bureaucrat’s wages and entertainment Jollies and Cameron told us he would cut back on this type of bureaucracy yet another lie

Did you also know that all businesses have to fill in an annual report on what trade waste they have dumped, the EU have allocated a special code for each piece of waste there is so many they have to publish a book with all the codes, how long did that take a EU officials to do and how much did it cost? Yet they have no way of confirming what is reported is true

The inmates continue to take over the mental asylum

I wonder how many of them will be arrested? in fact how many of them are actual Travellers most are Rich kids who just like violence along side their drugs and drink habit

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