Monday, October 03, 2011

True Racism

Because of my right wing views I am considered racist which is far from the truth. Yes I do take the mick out of people but I do not reserve it for people of a different colour, I give it to everyone its called English Banter, why have I brought this up well I recently saw a couple of films called "Time To Kill" where two inbred whites from the Southern States of the USA raped , hanged, urinated, and then threw a girl of the bridge and left her for dead this girl was 10 and Black because of that they thought they were entitled and then there is Mississippi Burning both of these films highlighted what disgusting people the KU Klux Klan as most are inbred whites who have a job linking words together, let alone getting educated  and because they are white they consider themselves superior. Ethnic minorities in GB complain about some one name  well they should travel to the southern States of the USA to see real racism both films turned my stomach

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