Thursday, October 13, 2011

More Gay News & World Domination with Cash

'Legalise gay marriage? You may as well legalise marriage with animals': Tory councillor suspended over anti-gay tweet
 All this trouble over 1.5% of the population Why has this 1.5% got so much power maybe the proportion is a lot higher with Politicians and Entertainment industry i.e actors darling
If this MP is sacked he ought to stand at the next election as independent Tory at least that will stop them winning the seat
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Now the protest spreads across the Atlantic: Thousands plan camp in London's financial centre inspired by 'Occupy Wall Street' campaign
 My first reaction to this group of the Unwashed is give them a good kicking BUT although I do not agree with what they are doing I beginning to believe in what they are thinking . These international companies think nothing of their workforce or the ordinary Human being, they treat us as ants and can be crushed at will. The Government doesn't help all you hear about is the need to sort the Worlds financial problems out To me that just means these companies making less profit less money for themselves. This is not true capitalism but a form of World domination by these massive International Companies who can destroy a country with its money at a stroke of a pen
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