Sunday, July 01, 2012

Tenterden Over 60 Films

Went to Tenterden Saturday with Val and Susan’s kid George and Poppy, they had a Fete there on for 3 days with Music very nice but was a little disappointed. Everything is so expensive put George on a little kiddie’s roundabout for 3minutes £2. Then we went of to the Kent &Mid Sussex Railway which was great they had theme on About the Military during WW1 but again cost 4 us to go on the train £38 and George was free and we got O60’s rates, the trip to Bodiam and back was 2 hours still enjoyable especially as the kids have never been on a Steam Train something my generation take for granted

TV at the moment is terrible its either Football or boring Tennis and because they the TV companies have spent so much on these two items the rest is repeats. So it’s either UK Gold ITV 3 or a film. One film I can certainly recommend with good quality English actors is The Best Marigold Hotel. There is something about English Actors over the rest of the World, when they perform they act so natural and believable. Why do we still have this obsession with Shakespeare? Yes he wrote some good plays and some have been transferred to a Modern idiom with the language of today and have been enjoyable to watch as was the modern version of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales BUT why put them in a Modern day setting and then use the language Shakespeare used in the 1st Elizabethan era IT IS TERRIBLE AND BORING such a Film was CORIOLANUS modern day setting on Ancient Rome, I gave it 10 minutes than curse myself for buying such rubbish

Just watched “Sunday Morning Live” which I enjoy but got the right hump with Sunday Times Journalist Rosie Millard who slagged of the Over 60’s, claiming we are extremely wealthy and we should give up more for the young. I do agree with her that a couple of things like Bus Pass (something I will never use) and Winter Fuel allowance should not be given to every pensioner. Yet she also suggested that we should be made to sell our houses once our children have left home a legal requirement to down size plus we should made to pay back all the benefits we got when we were young WHAT BENEFITS? She claimed that University Education was free when I was a youngster Yes but then only 5% went to university compared with over 40% today most taking useless degrees and they only have to pay back when they reach a wage of £28,000 per annum. They then asked a Student what she could do with an £200 per year (ref Winter Fuel Allowance) she said a great deal yes more booze the most successful pubs are in University Cities and when these Students are on holiday that’s 3 months of the year their hometown pubs are buzzing. One the guests said when he was young he asked his mother can I have a car she replied Yes as long as you buy it and maintain it, just pop up to the local Grammar School and see how many students have cars, did any of you have a GAP YEAR financed by your parents or a week in the Sun I know I did not. Yet when I went to Agricultural College I got no grant because my parents wage was over the limit. I left School at 15 became an agricultural Apprentice on 11/- for 48-hour week and I paid my mother half of that, married at 20 three children by the time I was 24 and the only help I got was my parents lent me not give me the deposit for a house what I got now is through me an Val working hard and being careful with our money SOMETINHG THIS GENERATION HAVE YET TO LEARN

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