Monday, February 04, 2013

A Bit Of A Do

Bit of a Do

Val and myself decided to have a Bit of a Do to celebrate our 43rd Wedding adversary oops sorry anniversary, I started courting Valerie when I was 17 years old so we have been together for 46 years. All I can say she has been a very lucky girl. Why celebrate a 43rd for no other reason then we wanted an excuse for a get together of old and new friends. The Do was held at the Taste of Portugal next to Sittingbourne Railway Station and was pleased to see out of the 66 invites 60 people attended. People like Trevor Waghorn, Trevor Jordon, Keith Whyman, Alan Roberts and my brother Norman were all at my wedding some even said they remember the day.


I laid on some food and a Karaoke for the night as I like a good sing song, the food was delicious with a lot of it, I certainly can recommend TTOP and those who attended I expect will be back. All my family was there including Grandchildren who also entered into the fun singing their hearts out. I made a little speech thanking everyone for coming especially those who were at my wedding, my oldest Daughter Donna shouted out that she nearly made it, have no idea what she meant.

Thanks for all those that attended I must find another excuse to have a party, maybe one in August who knows

I didn't say 16

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