Saturday, February 02, 2013

Modplod makes some interesting points

 modplod said...
I agree with EVERY SINGLE thing you say here. Your idea of a local Sheriff is in my opinion an excellent idea. This police model relies upon the local people to vote for a police chief and this person then appoints his deputies. The American's have many layers/levels of police including Sheriffs, Town/City Police Departments, Highway Patrols, Special Police etc. These operate at local (town/city level), County Leve, State level and finally National (Federal) level. Small towns are able to raise their own police departments.

Can you imagine how effective a truly LOCAL law enforcement organisation like this would be?

Local councils would have the power to appoint their own local police officers. The local people would vote the person who runs it.

Our existing British police model has failed miserably over the past 20 years or so. People's opinion of the police is at an all time low.

I served in the police service for 18 years leaving in 2004 after a serious spinal injury. 
9:58 am
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Can you envisage the Isle of Sheppey Police Patrol or the Sittingbourne Police Patrol?

There is no reason why we couldn't keep the current model too - Kent Police would become a national (federal) police agency which could specialise in serious organised crime etc.

The road infrustructure could be policed by it's own national (federal) police model too - The Traffic Police.

It works very well in the USA.

Their Sheriff system is actually a British invention - have a look on Wikipedia.

Bringing in foreign police officers to run our police is a BAD idea.Police moral is already at it's lowest and this idea will make things much worse.

ALL police officers need to start out in the rank as Police Constable. Excellerated promotion is the main reason why the current police model has gone so wrong. Far too many senior officers promoted beyond their abilities.

I did my police training in the early 1980's when the British people still had confidence in their police.
10:06 am
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If you dial 999 the response is likely to be laughable -

A timid 5ft little girl PRETEND police officer is likely to turn up (3 hours too late) wearing an intimidating quasi-military uniform (bovver boots and all) carrying small a wooden stick.

Be very careful what you say to her because she will just as likely arrest YOU instead of the criminal.

A recent tactic is to turn up at a job and arrest EVERYONE at the scene. This is done to increase arrest figures. Those (wrongly) arrested are taken to the police station (30 miles away because so many local stations have been closed), briefly questioned and then released.

Don't believe the figures which they release every year showing crime is reducing - it's all a lie.

This little girl will be so slight in build that her head barely pokes up above the steering wheel of her (top of the range taxpayer paid) police car.

Most of the police cars that pass me are double crewed by little girls.

I now refer to the police simply as TOYTOWN. I wouldn't bother phoning them unless my insurance company required me too.

The criminals must be laughing their heads off!

I could cry because the job I loved has become a joke.
10:19 am
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