Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dinner at John and Tenerife

On Saturday got invited to my son's flat for a meal with my adopted daughter in law Vicky for Curry, just the four of us. Was not sure about this as the only thing John and me have in common is blood, Combat Arts and family his obsession with Football drives me to distraction and my politics annoys him no end . Yet the whole night was brilliant, the food was fantastic and the conversation was great especially as I drank 15 bottles of wine and 10 Gin & Tonics

Monday we flew out to Tenerife with Thomson for what they term as a Platinum Holiday at the Arona Gran Hotel. The hotel is marvelous and the food unbelievable mind so it should be for the price I paid but why do they skimp on the flights, cramped seating and no free food and drink. Already caught the sun but today Wednesday its raining I at 63 must be one of the youngest here average age is 75. People of this age do amaze me at breakfast, which is a buffet, it is like a stampede every one attacks the buffet as if this was their last meal (mind you looking at some of them it could be) and the clothes they wear in the morning looks as if they borrowed them from their grand children. Why is it when people go on holiday they wear cloths which are only suitable for young people, in the evening totally different everyone comes well dressed and all  look very smart, someone  the women look very attractive in spite of their age. I hope if I start dressing and behaving  like a teenager some one tells me

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