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The Government seem intent on changing all our Public Services to some extent this can be a good thing. The jury is out on the new Police Commissioners with most of the electorate not even voting on the new position does show there is NO real desire for the post. I have always been in the favour of voting in a local Sheriff like in the USA but my idea would have been on a more local basis and not sure the new Police Commissioner will alter the way the Police will work but we will have to wait and see
This week we had some new ideas put forward on how the Police work
1)   Fast tracking outsiders into Police Officers in 18 months. This is a totally ridiculous idea these people will have little or no knowledge of Policing let alone the law and will only lead to more miscarriages of justice. For many years Police Officers have been saying ranks above Sargent become bureaucrats rather then Police Officers, so if the Government want superior administrators why do they not just create a new position rather then giving people with limited knowledge of Policing the power of a Police Officer
2)   The name Police Force should be reinstated as the word Police Service suggests a subservience to the people who pay for them i.e. the Taxpayer the job of the Police is to uphold the laws of the land irrelevant of what the public think
3)   I think we should have an Officer Class with in the Police it has worked in the Armed Forces so why not have an equivalent of a Sandhurst. I am told this used to be the case some 70 years ago so let return to it. Why not bring in more ranks such as NCO’s this will give the lower ranks more incentive to improve
4)   Bringing in Foreigners who have a lot of Policing experience from other countries would be a good idea and maybe stop Senior Police Officers trying to be politicians rather then Police Officers.
5)   I believe we should stop all forms of Positive discrimination as this led to a big drop in standard of new recruits. Recruitment should be based on the ability to do the job irrelevant of ethnicity, sexual orientation or sex. The idea that the Police should represent Society is an absolutely nonsense the Police need people who can do the job and they should not be involved in social engineering

There has been a massive drop in respect for the Police this is partly there fault but most go with thee establishment who on many occasions have tied their hands with new laws mainly from the EU and the continual interference for the European court of Human Rights. An Academic minority continue to make excuses for criminal behaviour and all of this leads to a mistrust of the Legal System and the Police being on the Front Line receive the brunt of the Public anger. Continual reports that crime is on the decline does not match what we the Public see on the street, one must ask the question how many low grade crimes are not even reported because of the knowledge the perpetrators will not be caught and if caught will be handed a minuscule punishment. All of this will eventually lead to Vigilantes coming to the fore with all the problems that will bring. Justice need to be done but what is important that it is SEEN TO BE DONE

Martin Clarke
118 East Street
ME10 4RX

Friday, 1 February 2013

To: Police Commissioner for Kent, Anne Barnes

Dear Madam you will find attached a letter I received from Kent Police which they state that 0.71% of Police Officers declare they are Gay I presume this means Homosexual or Lesbian.  I wish to ask several questions on this subject I have also attached a copy of My Blog on Policing.

1)   With such a small percentage of Gays why is Kent Police actively promoting this type of Life Style I refer to the Annual LBGT fortnight at the Police HQ in Maidstone? How much does this cost?
2)    With Police funding being cut can there be any justification in placing advertisement in General and in LBGT Publications in-particular? How much does this cost?
3)   Will you be continue with your discrimination against White Heterosexual males by promoting Positive Discrimination in favour of Females, Homosexuals/Lesbian and Ethnic minorities?

Yours Faithfully

Martin Clarke

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