Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dole Bully's

I have one of my tenants who is a friend he is a 59 year old single man. For 2 years he was unemployed about 6 weeks ago after continually trying for work he managed to get a labourers job on the Isle of Grain he worked for 4 weeks and was hit by a JCB the arm of the JCB swung round and hit him in the shoulder 3 inches higher and would have been killed. He reported the accident, the following day he attempted to go back to work but shock and the injury proved to much and he returned home He saw the Doctor who said he was not to work as he was suffering shock, stress and a possible twisted spine and damaged shoulder. On my advice he will seek compensation as this type of accident should never occur in the work place.

The problem has been that he is being refused benefit, it seem that he has to appeal against this. They maintain he has insufficient stamps to cover his benefit, yet he has only been in work for a month and as he is claiming industrial accident benefit they querying this as well even though he has medical certificates, this may also affect his housing benefit. He has £22 to his name at present although in a few months he hopes to get his tax back. He has to obtain a crisis loan to get by. I obviously will not chase his rent and by the looks of may have to led him money for electric and some food, I lent him £1000 to buy a car so he could go to work.

This is not meant to be a sob story but one that brings in how the benefit system does not help the single man who is English. This man  has done his best to get of the Dole but because of no fault of his own he is now being penalised by an over officious benefit system. If they want people to come away from being dependant on the state they have to realise that situations like his will occur occasionally and on occasion like this they should be able to return to benefit quickly. The reason why, is that people like him will continue to try for work even if its for short periods only, if the benefit system offers them a fall back many will take the risk of occasional work.

The system is abused we all know that, 11 children special house stable, Moslem mullahs who preach hatred being supported by state aid etc. but sometimes there are genuine cases but it is always the weak, the uneducated who reap the wrath of some of these bureaucrats. Obviously I will help him with his case as I have helped other people in the past but it infuriates me the bullying tactics of some government department

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