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A Warning from Graham -Migrants and child benefit

I have included a letter from Graham Sargent who sent a letter to Gordon Henderson MP. I agree with nearly all his sentiments with exception to voting for UKIP. Many of us detest this arrogant Government led by the even more arrogant David Cameron but Gordon is his own man and a good MP   so I will continue to support him. Also included another couple article from the Mail there are many people who feel the same way I do

Dear Gordon,

We have met but you are unlikely to remember the occasion. I am a friend of Martin Clarke and his family and have known John Burke for many years. I am also a traditional Conservative voter who was a chairman of my Young Conservative Branch many years ago in North London.

If I vote conservative in any future elections it will only be to support you personally. However the way I feel at the moment, I will probably vote UKIP. I know that this would be a wasted vote but I honestly don`t think it matters who you vote for any more - nobody appears to be listening.

The latest farce relating to gay marriage is probably the last straw for many normal people. Cameron has been on the wrong track since last election. He has cut all the wrong areas. He should be making cuts in the many wasteful committees at all levels of government and the largely useless civil service. He should not be making cuts in the NHS or the defence budget.

I know that you will say that being in a coalition limits the overall freedom of action and I accept that this is to a certain extent true but he is not sending any signal to the Conservative grass roots that he supports any traditional conservative values.

There is much more that I could say on this subject but I sure that you already aware of the common-sense views of your constituents.

In short, is there any point in voting Conservative in the future?

Graham Sargent

Migrants handed £1m a week for children back home as thousands of British families are stripped of THEIR child benefit
    Cash is awarded despite the children living in another country
    Critics blast taxpayer cash going to dependents in countries like Poland
    Situation will worsen when Romanians and Bulgarians allowed UK jobs

hi,people of the uk you are now waking up to the undemocratic communist system of barraso and his sidekicks merkel and mouthpiece rumpy pumpy,these marxist policies were hatched behind closed doors starting with ted heath,this is all getting very sinister and undemocratic,the eu is determined to suck all that we have built up in pensions and savings and just hand it over to every one else leaving us paupers,and our traitors in parliament have taken their 30 pieces of judas money and don,t care ,we have only ukip who might defend our people from this marxist mess and betrayal,but who knows,there is going to be trouble for sure and we will get hammered trying to escape the eu clutches as the democratic vote to leave will be denied time and time again,god bless this nation and its democratic people
- george , cornwall, 04/2/2013 08:4

"Treasury Minister Sajid Javid said Britain was obliged to pay child tax benefit and child tax credit under EU regulations." Clearly not the case as 22 other countries don't do this. What a fib!
- nikki , bucks, 04/2/2013 08:41

'Secretly gay MPs are planning to vote against same-sex weddings... and two of them are married': Extraordinary claim from top Conservative pundit
    Ex-Tory candidate and radio host Iain Dale claims secretly gay MPs risk being outed for are publicly opposing same-sex weddings
    25 serving and ex-Tory party chairmen write to No.10 opposing policy
    New Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby to stress marriage is between a man and a woman

How poisonous gay militants are. "vote with us or we'll out you". Even being gay doesn't mean automatically supporting this legislation, so leave people's private lives alone, you vile bullies!
- mm , Birmingham, 04/2/2013 08:10

This is nothing to do with equal rights for gays. They already have civil marriage. It is an attack on the institute of the Church and indeed his own right wing party members. Why? I suggest Cameron is either a "useful idiot" Liberal or more likely a Cultural Marxist deliberately using covert radical agitator strategies to destroy our country's institutions. Too many of his policies signify this and have favoured EU Collectivism and rule by the undemocratic mega state. He claims to be a Christian but he seeks to rewrite the word of God that opposes gay marriage in Church? I am not a Christian but even I see his hypocrisy. So too why is he denying people the democratic right to decide on whether we live in a free country where we decide our rule and laws? Why is he delaying a referendum? Because he knows Lisbon laws will soon be ratified effectively denying us the right to leave or even oppose the evil EU. Expect more attacks on Church family and our institutions from Cameron soon.

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