Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Pope

As a Roman Catholic (non practicing) I take an interest in what the Pope is doing, unlike a lot of people I do not think God chooses him, he is chosen by other men i.e. the Cardinals who I believe ask for Gods help in choosing the right person, I also do not believe he is infallible. In recent years I believe the various Pope’s have been Good, Religious and Spiritual men this has not always been the case hundreds of years ago where some of them were closer to Satan then God and I expect they received their punishment for their sins if not in this World certainly in the next.

The one thing that has impressed me with the Catholic faith they would stick to what the believe in and would not sway with modern ideas like the Church of England. Yet the Catholic Church has a lot to answer for especially the sexual abuse they have covered up over the years, things like this do test one’s faith. I remember when the IRA was at its worse some 30 years ago, the local priest asked its congregation to pray for the IRA murderer Bobby Sands, you may remember this evil man as one of those who were on the blanket. My mother walked out of the Mass in disgust, when she told me about this I said that you now finished with the Catholics, her reply was, one that stayed with for ever, she said “ you must not confuse the religion with the people who lead it” she went to reiterate her faith in the Catholic Religion but not in the people who lead it. At the end of day the Roman Catholic Church is a massive corporation with CO, Directors and workers i.e. Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests etc. and we rely on them to run the Corporation but at the same time stick to the beliefs passed down by Jesus

I hope they do not succumb to the views of small minority of activists who want to move the Church to a more secular ideals they wrongly call modernizing. These people want see the erosion of the faith, they believe there is no such thing as evil or sin, they want see the break up the true family by encouraging Gay Marriage and an act, which is still sinful. Some things may need to be looked at Women Clergy for instant unless I am mistaken; Jesus never said women could never be priests? Priest maybe ought to marry up until the 11th Century they could marry I know it was a long time ago but it proves that was not forbidden by Jesus as for Contraception there is only one quote in the Old Testament (Gen 1:28) that suggests contraception should be forbidden, as Catholics follow the teachings of Jesus as all Christians do this should not be a problem as once again he never actually said it was a sin. With regard to abortion, I am one of those that think a baby in the womb is a separate being and the Women are the vessel, which carries the Child. I will have to rely on scientists to tell me at what point the cells that produce a human being come together to make the living item.

If you have read this you mostly probably think Martin has become a Religious Fanatic NO I have always believed but a lot of things to me make practical sense. You have to agree that society has a whole in the UK as lost its sense of morality, every form of crime is on the increase, promiscuity is rampant, children with only one parent is astronomical, obesity in on the increase, neglect of the elderly is common place and many more problems we have today. Very small vociferous minorities who use the slogan of equality to further their cause have brought about most of the decay of modern Britain.
 Back in the 1960’s we had those that peddled the idea sex should not restricted to married couples but should be treated as a social pastime, these were the same people who promoted the use of drugs and why? So they could rationalize and normalize their own debauched behavior and you can see the results in today’s society. Homosexual were very badly treated in the 1960’s and rightly so laws were brought into treat them as equals what they did in there own bedroom was there own business but some were not satisfied with that they wanted more rights then the rest they wanted to become an elite controlling section of society based on their deviant sexual behavior, things like Gay Marriage is not about equality it is about power and subjugation over their fellow citizens and Religion. What about those who want to treat criminals as victims forever gaining ever more lenient punishment, making excuses for their behavior and trying to blame society for their wrong doings
For example I listened to the Father of James Bulger who was murdered 20 years ago, it was a very moving interview but one thing struck me was when he said that more effort was put into the 2 children who murdered James then was put into the family of the murdered boy. Once again the liberal elite forget that when you do something wrong you must be punished for it. I always remember the saying “ The punishment must fit the crime” these killers were released after 8 years. In the Catholic Religion you attend confession to atone and get forgiveness for your sins but part of that atonement is pay penances and it is not just saying a few Hail Mary’s and Our Fathers it is admitting to others your sins and accepting a just punishment and I emphasize JUST. In the past Priest would put the fear of God into you, this was designed to keep us all on the right path of general Godliness. That can be translated in today’s language, as “The fear of Punishment” this is there to remind you to remain a decent member of society

The 10 commandments are the Pillars of a decent society once we start ignoring them so will a decent, law abiding and caring society collapse. When we start messing with institutions that have brought us stability and safety like marriage just to appease a small minority (Homosexuals are just 1.5% of the population) then the complete structure of society will collapse.

I hope the New Pope remains true to the Catholic Faith


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