Saturday, February 09, 2013

Weight and Age- Animals are Poofs-Council Tax

One of the problems with getting older is that your body does not function as well as it should and to maintain a level of fitness and health is hard work.  I have always kept myself fit as an International Competitor that was to be expected; when I was younger I competed in the Super Heavy Weight Class so weight was not an issue. Retirement was forced on me in 2001 after I won the World Masters Judo Championships my knee had got so bad I had a struggle walking I still trained but not to the level I was used to and my weight ballooned to 160 kilo/ 25 stone 3 lbs. to top it  all I found out I had type 2 diabetes. About 4 years ago I had a knee replacement followed by a hip replacement and I still not regret doing Judo and Sombo. This was a turning point for me as I began to walk better plus felt better in myself and to some degree the diabetes helped me, as I had to monitor what I eat and drunk. For the past year I have kept a record of every thing I have eaten and drunk including alcohol and the odd cake etc. The best I managed last year was 143.2 kilo/ 22 stone 7lbs Blood Pressure 127/59 pulse 59 great but yes there is always a but? Christmas came along and for 2 weeks I was not as strict with myself No I did not go mad but several Cakes, bottles of wine, assortment of cheese took their toll. I climbed to 149.8 kilo/ 23 stone 7lbs Blood pressure 148/78 Pulse 78.
The point I am making, as you get older slipping of the wagon is easy but the way back is even harder and longer I am now down to 147.8 kilo 23 stone 4lbs Blood Pressure 135/75 pulse 63 but it has taken me a month to lose just 2 kilo.
Some say Martin “get old gracefully enjoy yourself “ well I will worry about that when I am 90, my father died at 63 he was heavy smoker and drinker. I am now 63 and that’s not going to happen to me

Couple of interesting bits in the newspaper , he one about Council spending is an eye opener, how about the animal poofs Yes it seem some professor obviously Gay want  to promote Animal Homosexuality what a queer thing to say . Look at the price of cars

They squeal about cuts but the truth is town halls are spending more than ever - by fleecing you

Sir David Attenborough gets a mauling from academic....because he's 'ignoring' all the gay animals in his BBC nature documentaries
    Homosexuality in animal world 'pretty much everywhere'
    Dr Brett Mills says documentary makers are ignoring issue
    As a result, audience's view of what is natural is being skewed


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