Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Yesterday I was going to leave the Conservative Party BUT not now

Cameron humbled by gay marriage vote rebellion: More Tory MPs vote against Cameron than for him as PM's bill gets through thanks to Labour and Lib Dems
    134 Tory MPs opposed and 126 backed the plans, with 35 abstaining
    Cameron sees the measure passed with the help of Labour and Lib Dems
    First gay marriages likely to be conducted within 12 months

Yesterday before the vote on Same sex marriage I had written a Blog stating that I could no longer be a member of the Conservative Party but several things have changed my mind since then. The most important was that the Majority of Conservative MP’s voted against this proposal, this gave me a reassurance that the great majority of the Party still are Conservative not this new Pinko party of Cameron. Also an article in the Daily Telegraph by Charles Moore which I printed yesterday brought it home that this is not Gay Marriage but same sexed marriage with all the problems this will incur  and those who opposed it will be vindicated, which were mainly Conservatives and finally a reply from Gordon Henderson MP reproduced below.

 Hopefully soon the Conservatives will rid themselves of David Cameron because it will take a miracle for him to be re-elected at the Next General Election I was particularly disappointed with Ian Duncan-Smith who went against his conscious to vote with Cameron proving that Government Ministers will go against everything they believe in to save their job, he has certainly gone down in my estimation.

Also the lies this government and the Pro Same Sex marriage said about the Polls see attached

Now there is a clear distance between true Conservatives and the other two parties. Labour and the LibDem oppose a referendum on Europe, so not letting the British people a choice on their future and they are against people having their own Religious beliefs especially Christians

Dear Graham

Thank you for your email the contents of which I have taken on board fully. I will ensure your comments are made know to the Prime Minister.

I can understand your anger and frustration, however, I would urge you to resist the temptation to vote UKIP at the next General Election. I say that not for personal reasons (although of course I do have a vested interest!) but for practical reasons.

Whichever way you look at it there are only two possible outcomes locally at the next election; a Conservative win or a Labour win. If we are to have the change in direction that you want the last thing you want is a Labour government.

What we need is a Conservative Government made up of MPs who have real conservative values. Obviously we have to rely on electors in other constituencies to ensure their Conservative candidates reflect the majority view. However, one thing is for sure: you will NOT get a REAL Conservative government if people like me are defeated!

I am doing all I can to uphold the Conservative principles in which we both believe. I hope that my stance on a range of issues will make you feel able to continue supporting me.

Best wishes



Gordon voted against the Bill he is also in favour of an In/Out Referendum

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