Saturday, February 02, 2013

Yanks Out -LGBT-Boston

Interesting Article

Yanks want to stay out of our business they have enough problems of their own

U.S. piles pressure on Cameron to stay in EU: Vice-President to give fresh warnings in Downing Street visit
  • Joe Biden will meet David Cameron at Downing Street following talks with French and German leaders
  • Mr Biden's aide: 'It’s in our interest for there to be strong UK in a strong EU'
Can you believe this fool 
Conservative: gay marriage is 'concept that resonates with public'
LGBTory Chairman Matthew Sephton says the concept of marriage has always changed and developed through history and there is widespread support for gay marriage. RUBBISH

LGBT is not a sandwich it means Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transexual net they will add a Z for Zoophilia, S for Swingers, P for  Paraphilia How long before every sexual deviant gets a pressure group supported by Left wingers and Cameron the one thing they should support is marriage with long term relation ship between Man and a Women

Gay marriage could cost Conservatives power, poll suggests
Divisions over gay marriage could cost the Conservatives enough votes to force them out of power at the next election, a new poll suggests.

So they should problem is that will let Labour who will most probably allow marriage between Parent and Child or Between Owner and Pet

The town that's had enough: We visit the place with the country's biggest influx of East Europeans 
  • Boston's population has grown by more than 15 per cent in a decade
  • Most of that increase is from Eastern Europe

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