Saturday, June 01, 2013

Lower Halstow Kent Angleland

Lower Halstow

Lower Halstow  is a Village on the Swale Estuary  a few miles from Sittingbourne, they have a sea going Thames Barge moored there and during winter months it is a coffee house and during the Summer it is hired for excursions. I went along to photograph the barge but sadly it was the Dickens Festival. So I decided to have a look at the Church and I was in luck because inside the church was the author of the book

Which I purchased the Church dates back to Saxon times and could be as old as the oldest part of Canterbury Cathedral, the book went on to say the Saxon, Angles and Jutes landed there I presume when conquering this country and named AngleLand now called England. Interesting book it is surprising what is on your door step also I am also told the last Viking raid was made up Milton Creek you can read more about Milton at

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