Monday, June 17, 2013

Fathers Day-Bike Ride-Tattoo

Well done son John and Pete wise on their Charity Bike ride London to Brighton

As I get older I suffer with hang overs just 1 bottle of wine and I am rough the next day, so I was pleased when my offspring John and Susan brought me books makes a change from Alcohol plus I got a best Granddad Card from Poppy and George, very touching. Still think Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Valentines Day are a rip off but one of the biggest rip offs from the US is "Baby Showers" this where you gather round a pregnant women's house have a party and give her presents! Pregnancy is the latest middle class fad no longer do you get Married have children etc Now everyone is expected to try the mothers breast milk and then have a meal of the placenta and worse to come is Lick and Taste a nappy is covered with chocolate and you are meant to lick and taste it. Where do these people come from and they wonder why their kids go of the rails

Not keen on the Tattoo Culture all three of my Children have those ridiculous things on them but was recently sent the following picture of a Tattoo have to admit that is some work of art, must been painful and expensive

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