Saturday, June 01, 2013

Secret Courts

The article below is a disgrace to this Country although some courts cases, which deal with Terrorist etc., have to be done in secret BUT THIS? I have for some time thought that we no longer live in a truly Democratic country and meant how our Politicians completely ignore the wish of the people BUT now more and more I wonder whether justice system is also responsible for the breakdown of our democratic system. We continual see the rights of foreigners put before those of us who are British Subjects, with greedy, self-opinionated Human Rights Lawyers bleeding the country dry etc., etc.

The government are trying to cut back on housing benefit with regard to the size of the house you live i.e. why does one person need to live in a house with more then one bedroom which is paid for by the Council Tax payer, Tax payer. So what do some Labour Councils do, classify an extra bedroom as a study? Once again Labour are not spending their money just spending other people money. Want a house with lots of bedrooms get a JOB.

The Scum Bag family from Scunthorpe who appear on Channel 4 are what is wrong with this Country, Dean, whom, we are told, stopped working a year ago, claims the family’s £1,600-a-month benefits don’t give him enough cash to buy his food in the supermarket, rubbish he also drinks bottles of beer and whiskey every day a lazy no good as for the female he live with she had all the kids by all accounts by several fathers is nothing more the a slut.

The report gave an interesting quote “
This is not just a poverty of the financial variety, but a poverty of aspiration and morality that leaves the viewer feeling a queasy combination of anger and hopelessness.”

Oh lets not forget good old ABU

We don't have the power to kick out Abu Hamza's wife from her £1million taxpayer-funded home, says council
    Council pay rent on exclusive London five-bed home for hate cleric's wife
    Say they are 'powerless' to remove her as she has four children at home

Secret court jails father for sending son 21st birthday greeting on Facebook after he was gagged from naming him
    Garry Johnson breached gagging order stopping him publicly naming son
    46-year-old brought up his son and still lives with him
    Judge sent father to prison for contempt at a closed-doors family court
    Case certain to fuel concerns about Britain’s network of secret courts

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