Tuesday, June 04, 2013


I enjoy watching QI with Stephen Friar as the host you learn a lot, what I found interesting they were talking a lot about the Frenchman Preest (not sure if that is correct spelling?) It seem it was about this time that the word Homosexuals was invented before that they were referred as INVERTS. I have just wrote an article on the GAY GAMES if we still used the old name it would be the INVERTED GAMES a much more interesting title

On behalf of one of my Tenants I telephoned the Farmer Gaskains at Selling to see if they wanted any fruit pickers, they have two telephone numbers one did not work and the other no one answered what a way to run a business. The reason I telephones was to see if they took English workers because a friend of mine daughter allegedly telephoned an Employment Agency for work she was asked various questions the final one being “What nationality and ethnicity are you” she replied White British and she was told we do not employ them.

Foreign workers do not integrates and they made the minimum wage the average wage, Employers get richer British Workers are put on the bread line well done the EU and last Labour Government

I reading Dan Brown’s latest novel and in one part the Evil Villain argues with one of the heroines who works for World Health Organisation she takes the stance to Global warming, need for drinking water, cutting CO2, saving people from disease is cut back on fossil fuels, produce drugs interfere with Global Markets etc. the typical do gooder approach. He obviously wants kill most people but he says “ You fools should look at the cause of the Earths problems not the result If want to cut down on car pollution have less cars cut back on the population therefore less cars, provide enough water cut back on the people who need to use it” He wanted war, disease, famine as a natural selection obviously unacceptable. Yet he does have a point on cutting back on the population in 3rd world counties maybe we should concentrate more on contraception, in the Western World stop supporting future large families. I know one chap he is 2 years younger then me he is 61 he has 10 children, 50 Grand Children and 10 great grand children can we carry on like this. In China you are only allowed one child?

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