Saturday, June 15, 2013

Martin refused at Upchurch River Valley Golf Course

No Play at Golf Course

Yesterday myself and Alan Kontozi went to the Upchurch River
Valley Golf Course where there is a pleasant little 9 hole Golf Course which both of us have played. This time I was not allowed on the course and why because I had a pair of leisure trousers that had white piping. Now this course is a Pay As You Go golf course not a members club. The ridiculous thing about his so called dress code is that the last time I played I had jogging bottoms on, Alan arrived in shorts and was allowed to play. If this was a members club you could expect some rather outlandish rules with regard to dress but in 2013 on a Pay As You Go course you must be joking. Considering what other golfers wear, especially the latest craze is for middle-aged men to wear bright red and bright yellow trousers yet these would be acceptable. I have shown some examples of Golfer clothing, compare them to what I was wearing Navy Blue leisure trousers with white piping and a navy blue polo shirt.

This was the first time I have been barred from anywhere and at 63 that’s some record. Would I return to Upchurch NO and to think I considered hiring their facilities for a Black Tie do

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