Friday, June 21, 2013

Abnormal Wedding given Marshmallow Fluff as present

This hilarious article and how appropriate they give Marshmallow Fluffs at a same sex marriage

War of words erupts after wedding guests gift bride 'cheap and embarrassing' food hamper containing marshmallow fluff and croutons

Same Sex Marriage so would that be the Bride and Bride or the Groom and Groom. Would the Bride kiss the Bride Oh how disgusting? What would they be known as Husband and Husband or Wife and Wife? Thank God I do not know people like this.

In a normal wedding surely the guests would not pay for the couples wedding. It is normal for the Brides Parents to pay for the wedding and the Grooms parents pay for the Booze up afterwards. Now that would pose a problem for these abnormal weddings with these abnormal relationships because which would be wich?

Well Done Eric Pickles a Politician with Common sense some what of an unknown quality

'Talibin' fines for putting out bins at the wrong time to be banned by law
    Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has lashed out at current rules
    He said the laws target homeowners who make 'genuine mistakes'
    Instead authorities will penalise those who commit a 'public nuisance'

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