Monday, June 10, 2013

Bill Gates-Gay Games-Hungry

I listened to a programme the other day about how a charity is working to give school kids a breakfast because there parents can not afford to feed them, the same programme went on to say that Charitable Food Banks are on the increase. Where is this? Great Britain. Although I have serious doubts how many are in real need I was extremely annoyed at the following News programme that Cameron was bragging about the Billions he was giving to the starving of Africa. Yet our hungry have to rely on charitable hand-outs, it seems Mr Cameron has his priorities slightly skewed

I listened to Bill Gates the other day on the radio, here was a truly good man who has pledged to use his massive fortune for the benefit of mankind, on top of that he has talked about 100 very rich Americans to do the same guess how many other very rich people throughout the world are joining this group 4 yes just 4 and a lot of people detest the Yanks. Maybe they should have a rethink

Recently I wrote an article on the “Gay Games” I complained that the title was misleading as it suggested that it was for Gay people, yet when you read the details of these Games it was open to everyone. I then went on to say why do people with abnormal sexual behaviour want a separate sporting event? Sport is about people competing against each other on an equal physical basis, so what has your sexual preference got to do with it. So why a Gay Games my own personal opinion is that the Militant Gay Lobby want extra rights and power, something they already have, considering the last government census where there is only 1.5% of the population is Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual.
As soon as you criticise the Gay community you are considered homophonic, this exactly what happened when I put the article on a Group Facebook site. I had a vicious attack made on me by some Gay Guy claiming to be a Sambo player, even though I had laboured the point that I totally against any discrimination in Sport. I have been involved in Judo, Sombo, Martial Arts etc since 1957 and in all that time I and the club has never discriminated against anyone, it is even written into our constitution. Yet this idiot would not accept this and tried to tell me that he has been to many clubs and been driven out of many different clubs because he was homosexual RUBBISH. I do  not know of any club that would ban someone for being homosexual but if he walked in to club shouting I am Gay he should expecting some ribbing the same would happen if he walked in said I better then anyone here because I have blond hair. The main reason he was upset was the fact I called his sexual habits abnormal, now if only 1.5% are practising these types of sexual acts they can not be considered normal.
Clarke rambling on about Gays he must dislike them a great deal, well no. What I object to is if any minority tried to gain more rights the the majority, this eventually leads to a dictatorship I would feel the same if any group tried to gain extra power. The Gay Movement have gained a great deal over the majority. One is Positive discrimination when applying for government jobs, women and people ethnic background are treated the same and I think that is wrong. You should be treated on ability nothing more nothing less    

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