Thursday, June 06, 2013

Gay marriage and rich student

I watched the Film “Iron Lady: the other night yet again, just after the news that the Lords are allowing Same Sex Marriage. What a difference in leadership and standard of Politicians, here we had a women who came form a normal background educated herself and took on a male bastion i.e. Parliament. She kept on the path she set out for her self she was a Christian person with the morals and ethics that went with that religion.
What have we now an Eton Educated born Prime Minister a privileged Snob with a cabinet of the same description and a group born into privilege who have no concept of what the ordinary Briton wants or needs, a group who’s only Moral and ethics are the ones that help them. They have become obsessed with focus groups, lobbyist and big business, it is as if we stepped back two hundred years where the so called Elite Gentry were ordained to run this country. This is not just a Tory problem as this started with Tony Blair. Criticise Maggie and John Major but at least they came form humble backgrounds, Major went o a Grammar School not Eton like the present lot.

So whom do you vote for? Well I have always said on a local basis I think the Local Council under Andrew Bowles is doing a good job and Local MP Gordon Henderson is in the same mode both are traditional Conservative on the same ilk as Maggie so they will continue to get my vote. Yet to get rid of Cameron and his henchman is a must but whom can you put in their place? LibDems are next best thing to useless if let them in you will be swamped with foreigners our benefit bill will sore through the roof as for businesses well Vince cable has shown us what not to do and how the Lib Dems would manage the economy. Labour well the mess we are in now is totally down to them no matter what excuses they make. My hope is the tory party get rid of Cameron and get someone in like David Davies a man of the people this is unlikely so the only other alternative is to negotiate a deal with UKIP before the next election. After the election will be to late as even with their high poll rating UKIP are unlikely get an MP and the result could be is a hung parliament. LibDems will go with Labour as they will Hoare themselves to anyone but the most likely scenario will be a labour Government and God help us. So the only hope is an election pact with UKIP
With regard to this same sex marriage has the government really looked into it? They claim it all about equality. Here is the definition of marriage Until this proposed bill came in, no society had seen marriage as anything other than a conjugal partner­ship: a male-female union. A marriage can be annulled if there is no penetrative sex between a man and women once they are married. So how will this same sex marriage be confirmed? Continually we hear it is about having a loving relationship and it about equality, if that is the case why cannot two sisters get married, or father and son etc. The reason marriage between Brother and sister was banned because of danger of the possible offspring being deformed and the danger to the gene pool
Now marriage according to the Government is just about love and equality so why not allow children to marry their parents just imagine the Tax dodges you can get from that and why shouldn’t Bisexual marry a man and women, why not legalise polygamy

 These are the students who continually moan about having to money, can you imagine 19 year old on the dole doing this or those working in a burger bar on minimum wage NO. More of Eton Style Society they all live In

Not so clever now: Celebrating students are given the third degree by Cambridge don after they sprayed him with Bolly
   Dr Owen Saxton seen remonstrating with a group of students
   They bought £42 bottles of Bollinger... while others went for £8 fizzy wine

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