Monday, June 24, 2013

Gathering of the Jacob Clan

Gathering of Jacob Clan

On Saturday was invited to Kevin Jacobs 60th Birthday Party at the Carmel Hall, it was a great night. I grew up with the Jacobs a family of 6 brothers with all their children and relatives it was a big do. They certainty know how to enjoy themselves, once the music is on they do not stop. Their Mum, Dad, Lil and George would be proud of them all being very successful in their chosen careers, not bad from 6 boys from a Council Estate. If any of you have watched Mrs Browns Family and knew Lil well lets not say no more then that.

Those of you who remember the Carmel Hall in the 1960’s and 70’s will see no major changes except for a coat of paint. Every Saturday night was like being in one of John Wayne’s movie fights. I used to do most of my bouncing there, it would be very Un PC to say I enjoyed the job especially as I always tried to understand why these gentleman were punching each other and tried to mediate in the dispute and if that did not work I would throw them out making sure they had a couple of lumps to remind them they were naughty boys

Glad to say none of that happened Saturday maybe everyone has calmed down or is just me?

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