Monday, September 15, 2014

Car Tax £500

It has just cost me £500 Car Tax for my Nissen Diesel Pathfinder. I am told I do not need a big Car well I do as I tow a Twin Axle Caravan plus I am 6ft 2 ins 23 stone man (not a Fat one), believe it or believe it not I have job getting into a Mini.

So the Politicians answers:

Boris says all Diesel Cars should be scrapped and compensation of just £1000 should be given, yet many years ago we were encouraged to buy Diesel because they were more economical?

Labour MP wants to ban Cars altogether and just let politicians have them ? I expect the Greens would agree to this as well

I expect the LibDems will come up with solar Panel Cars or better still have a wind turbine on a car

So how long before we are to return to Horses? No cannot have them as the Stomach gases will damage the ozone layer? Stupid idea no more stupid then Meat Free Monday which Paul McCartney and our idiotic Prime Minister want to promote to save the environment

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