Saturday, September 13, 2014

UKIP-Pink Mafia-Idiot Boris-Scots

There has been some ridiculous items in the Press recently:
Idiotic Boris wants to Banand destroy Diesel Vehicles he says the government should give just £1000 compensation for all vehicles over a year old and they want him to become Conservative leader???
Labour MP Alan Whitehead wants to ban cars altogether typical Labour Idiot
Footballers should wear rainbow laces to support Homosexuals. It seems there are 5000 professional football players and none have admitted to being Homosexual. WHAT HAS SOMEONE’S SEXUALITY GOT TO DO WITH HIS ABILITY TO PLAY FOOTBALL. One again moves by the Pink Mafia to gain more rights for the 1.5% who say they have abnormal sexual habits; next the PC brigade will want Positive Discrimination when selecting a Team? How about Orange laces for Gingers or Black/Whites laces for those who are left handed.
EU tells Britain to stop moaning about immigrants and start building them houses instead. Why does the EU not abide by their own laws which says the first place of entry for these illegals should be the place where they should apply for asylum and the UK is not the first. Yet another reason why we should leave the EU.

Laszlo Andor (European Commissioner on a shed load of money paid for by us) said foreigners pay more in tax than they get in benefits UNTRUE the benefits of those who pay Tax and those who are subsidized by the Tax Payer is neutral

The Scottish Referendum has been very interesting with lots of debate and all politicians agreeing this is true democracy, yet Labour and the LibDems refuse to let the UK have a referendum on the EU? The Scots have been with the UK for over 300 years and they allowed to have a referendum but the UK has been with the EU for less then 50 years and we can not opt out? What about Eastern Ukraine none of the Parties want the people of that region to have a referendum all they want is the death and destruction of the people.

I do not personally care whether Scotland leave the UK mainly because it is highly unlikely that will happen BUT the threats and propaganda by the NO campaign and the large businesses plus the money being thrown at the whole affair by the NO campaign is very suspect. The NO campaign will give you some insight if we have a EU referendum (BIG IF) can you imagine the lies and money the EU will throw at the NO campaign. EVERYWHERE you look there is some form of corruption and they call our system a democracy.
I use Facebook to promote my various events but to get the word around you have to allow people to be friends. Their absurd notes go on your site, once again it is the language used by people, F@@K is frequently used but now the most hated word by the Female population C@@T is now used. I can understand someone using this word in speech when angry but to physically to type it just shows they are people of low intelligence and small vocabulary

Below is an article from UKIP which I think the most us will agree with but my concern is that a vote for UKIP could let in a Labour Government who will not allow a Referendum

Apparently this is zooming around the Internet at great speed.  It's so simple and makes sense; can it be so easy???
I like this UKIP "Wish List"!
Closed to  further  immigration.
Illegal immigrants 
Found,  stopped and sent back.
National  Commitment
Re-establish  National  Service
Obey  its own laws.
Make politicians keep their  promises or have them disqualified from  further  election.
No programs scheduled to start  past the next election.
Dual  Citizenship
Abolished (you're either  British or something else. If you're  something  else, be a visitor then leave when  your visa runs  out.)
English,  Welsh, Gaelic only.
Illegal to display another flag except for  consulates and  embassies.
Respect  the British culture, and stop immigrants  trying to change it into the mess left back in  their own countries.       Stop trying to change us!
 Drug Free
Mandatory Drug Screening before Welfare  Benefits!
NO Freebies  to Non-Citizens.
Look after British BEFORE donating to other  countries.
No British welfare for any country  that is developing nukes or spending more  than a reasonable amount on  arms.
Bring all British soldiers home – let the rest of the world sort out  their own  problems!
British pensioners before  all other nations.

·       EU Commissioner for jobs said migration from eastern Europe good for UK
·       Laszlo Andor said foreigners pay more in tax than they get in benefits
·       Hungarian official said answer to strain on services was more investment

Labour MP: Beat gridlock with a ban on owning a car and force motorists to share vehicles

·       Alan Whitehead, a Labour MP, said owning a car should be 'outlawed' to force people to use public transport
·       Said motorists who want to drive should be made to join 'car clubs' 
·       If not, he warned there could be a 'national traffic jam' before 2040
·       But his suggestions were described as 'bonkers' by transport minister, Robert Goodwill  

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