Thursday, September 18, 2014

Multiculturalism - Strange family or should I say Queer Family

I want to return to the England when the Majority were of English descent and Christian with a decent set of Morals and standards, things started to change when we got Black People from the West Indies. These people maybe a different colour but their values were very similar to our own they had high morals, were Christian and their schooling was very similar to ours, they may not have been Anglo Saxon but Culturally they were near enough the same. The problem started when people from the Asia Continent started to arrive they were completely different in Religion, Culture etc. many of them like the Hindus and Sikhs integrated with us. It was the Moslem population who refused to accept our culture and tried enforcing their ways on to the True Englishman.

Politicians and the Left Wing liberals brought in the word Multi -Culturalism into our Society. A system that encouraged minorities to produce their own societies at the cost of the English way of life and this has led to Moslem Militants leaving this country to murder other people. There is no excuse these people were born in this Country, taught by people in this country and supported by various Governments and their institutions

To stop this continual growth of this Religion of the middle Ages and bring it into the 21st Century we must insist on the following:

1)  Everyone who lives In this country must be able to read and write English
2)  Government/ Council information etc. must only be in English
3)  They must all swear allegiance to the Queen and this country
4)  All clothing that covers a women’s face must be banned as in France also clothing that subjugate women must be banned
5)  All children must be taught the History of this Country including the part Christianity had in forming the UK
6)  All illegal Immigrants must be treated as someone who has broken the Law and returned to where they came
7)  No benefits to anyone who has not worked here for a Year

The National Union of Farmers have complained we need more Foreign workers for their crops as the English are too lazy

They have a good point and the problem is the Benefit System, low wages and long hours.  Cut benefit to those English who refuse to work and if they attend a job deliberately trying to be obstructive so they can go back on the dole, sack and still pay them no benefit. Yet the employers need to put something back, the first is give them a living wage and secondly the idea that someone should be working 12 to 14 hours a day 6 days a week is something from the 19th Century
We have a situation in this country where people are being subsidised by the Government to work?  All this does is give the company and its Share Holders a bigger profit

Talk about a Self-Publicist., Read about this weird family  they certainly are a queer family

Brave teen who recorded himself coming out as gay to his mother gets the shock of his life when his mother comes out as gay to HIM
·       A teenager, believed to be Australian, recorded himself as he came out to his mother
·       The boy's mother comforted the emotional teen, telling him she still loved him 
·       His mother then turned the tables, and revealed she had been in a relationship with a woman 

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