Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fat Women-Terrorist Mother

This is a story about another Fat Lazy Women who thinks the state owes her a living. I have copied a response from a reader who says what I feel

Here to see in all it's glory is the entitlement society who know nothing other than what they expect for free from the state. No money for healthy food but hair dye, tattoos, and piercings are OK. The usual excuses, can't work because she is a carer and thinks everyone else should pick up the tab. Until we reform benefits and re align them to being a handout to help you during hard times as they were originally conceived and not a lifestyle choice then this will never change. Benefits should decrease 10% annually as an incentive to get people to break the cycle of dependancy. I know a lot of people who earn less that 20k and looking at this individual and her demands makes me dislike all benefit recipients. Go and get a job and learn how to cook. It really is that simple.

 His Mother says she had no idea what he was going to do? Well look at Photo does she look like a typical English mother NO. She is wearing the head scarf which shows her subjugation to men and depicts her as a radical Moslem in my eyes. What is more important She is a single mother with Four sons, who live in the Sussex city, are believed to be refugees from Sierra Leone who came to Britain via the Netherlands. So yet again the British Taxpayer has to pay for this sponger who allows her son to become a Terrorists.

Teenage British jihadi 'killed in US airstrikes': 19-year-old from Brighton died in US-led bombing 
·       Ibrahim Kamara, known as Khalil al-Brittani, believed dead in airstrike
·       The teenager travelled to strife-hit region to fight for Al Qaeda ally
·       His Brighton-based mother said she was numb and 'confused' at the news

This is a great way to ruin a Town and ruin a Hotel for short term monetary gain

Hotel asylum part II: Now government moves 130 asylum seekers from crowded London hotel to seaside resort
·       Asylum seekers transferred to Grand Burstin Hotel in Folkestone, Kent
·       Home Office moved them after overcrowding at another hotel in London
·       Three-star hotel has sea views and is known for evening entertainment
·       The 550-room coastal hotel has rooms for one costing up to £66-a-night
·       MP insists it's only a temporary move to 'relieve situation' in the capital
·       Residents joke the hotel's name is apt for country 'burstin' at the seams'
·       Hotel website gives room rates for two-week stay of £616 for two sharing
·       Unclear how much HO is spending but 65 of these rooms would cost £

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