Monday, September 08, 2014

Scottish Referendum-Ukrainian Referendum

The Scottish Referendum is nearly upon us and it could be that they break away from the UK. I personally do not think this will be a bad thing as it will change the political structure of the rest of the UK . The Conservative will be the dominant Party and allow us a referendum but also it will allow other parties to gain a foot hold in the political arena like UKIP and maybe another form of Conservative party could be formed.
 Yet I think the Union will survive but it will be at a cost as already politicians are talking about the Scottish Parliament gaining a lot more independence which normally means more money to keep them sweet, BUT what about the English? Scotland will have virtual Independence with all the benefits but none of the pitfalls, the Welsh and N Irish will soon follow, yet nothing for the English we will still be governed by Welsh, Scottish and Northern Ireland MP’s is that Fair and Just?
The time has come to think about the Union being a Federal Body made up of the Four Countries with each nation being responsible for their own affairs only coming together when it is a UK problem. Also we need to make voting compulsory and with MP’s being selected when they get over 50% of the vote if they do get 50% then the top two returns to the Ballot Box
No matter what happens, the Political System in this country needs to change, the idea that a Party can govern the country with the majority voting against them is far from a Democratic System.


People in charge of NATO are at best naive and at worst War Mongers when it come to the Ukraine situation, they talk about a Navel Blockade of the Black sea as if that will threaten the Russians and then it is announced that many of the NATO countries are going to supply the Ukraine Government with Weapons which will destroy more buildings and kill more innocent civilians in Eastern Ukraine. Will they also supply groups of Militia outside of the Ukrainian Military structure who been financed by Ukrainian Businessman and what will PUTIN do tremble? I do not think so he will have the right to supply arms to the Eastern Ukrainian Freedom Fighters in fact he will be morally obliged to help the Russian speaking people.

Surely someone in NATO, UN will realise the only way forward is for the UN to organise a Referendum BUT this is not in the interest of the EU and USA.

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