Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Return-Susan 40-TOP

I returned home early from our Caravan Holiday in Somerset, the weather was terrible and it seemed pointless sitting in the Caravan annoying each other. Have to admit much preferred Dorset and Devon. Did enjoy visiting the Roman Baths at Bath, I jokingly ask where the towels were but said if I wanted to bathe in water that had Rats swimming about at night I was welcome, very interesting place. 

Also visited Cheddar Gorge and saw the only place still making Cheddar Cheese by hand naturally tried and put a basket full, not for me of course. Plus purchased some Cider and Cider Vinegar which I am told is good for arthritis, plus took a look at the All Year Christmas Shop I believe there is one in Canterbury. Some of the shops are built into the Gorge so you can see the rock formation and one had water running into a small pool, the owner told us that once an Otter crossed the street bathed in it then went on its way. Not sure if this was a Tall story for tourists but I expect it did not buy anything.

Another reason for returning early was the fact that my youngest Susan was 40 on the Saturday and felt guilty about not attending her party at the VineYard. So we surprised her, she had a lot of her friend s there and all them were well dressed and looked very attractive unlike some  of the other in the Bar who were a lot younger and dressed like Ladies of the Night. Very noisy but a good night with no trouble both Val and myself left just after 11 and walked home, YES I walked, although the Town was busy there was no trouble. I commented the following day to a Taxi Driver and he told me they do not get warmed up till 3am when the clubs kick out. In my younger Days the Pubs shut a 11pm as did the Dances and everyone piled into the one and only Chinese restaurant in the Town which was situated next to the VineYard I believe it was called the Tai Wa. Interesting venue fights crockery being thrown out the upstairs window and they even served food 


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